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dwarf lily and questions about aponogetons

"Roger S. Miller:
I broke down yesterday and bought a couple "dwarf lilies".  I think these
are the same plant sold as "tiger lotus" - some sort of nymphae.  Can
anyone confirm that?"

From your description, it sounds like it could be the same kind we have. 
 Unfortunately, I don't know what kind it is.  We have them in a 45 gal. 
w/CO2, #3 gravel w/Tetra Initial, Seachem Flourish, pieces of Agriform 
tablets, 1 angelfish, 2 pearl gouramis, 4 siamese algae eaters, and 60W of 
'power compact' lights (equiv. to about 2, 4' tubes, in terms of lumen 

"How do these plants change as they mature?  What conditions do these
plants like?  What can I expect from them under brightly lit conditions?
Under more dimly lit conditions?"

Ours are doing fine, although growing slowly.  When we first put them in, 
they were under very little shade from other plants and produced several 
submersed leaves.  However, once their neighboring aponogeton took off (it's 
many leaves are all about 2' long), the resulting shade seemed to have 
stopped their growth.  We moved one to a more open area of the same tank, 
and it seems to have resumed its growth in a matter of a week.

I noticed that our tanks are finally getting cooler along with the weather 
(daytime highs in the 80's, which means the tanks are now around 82 deg. 
instead of 84+), and this made me wonder if the temp. info may be 
interesting to you too, since it may be a little higher than yours (I think 
I remember reading somewhere that the mid to upper 70's were best for most 
plants and fish).  Our plants don't seem to be bothered by it (I don't have 
anything to compare it to, but they appear to be growing well).  A 
madagascar lace plant which had gone dormant a month or two ago recently 
decided to start growing again.  We thought it died since its original bulb, 
which was just on top of the substrate, had 'dissolved' by the time the 
original leaves died.  But I guess it had been storing nutrients in a new 
bulb beneath the surface.  I wish I knew what we did 'right' to get it to 
come back, but I don't.  We also had another aponogeton die back, although 
not totally, then resume it's growth.

Question:  are we harming the aponogetons by not taking them out of the tank 
and putting them in a moist cool place when they die back?  I thought I saw 
someone recommending that.

Question:  our aponogetons have several flowers now, most with a few seeds 
developing.  Can anyone recommend how to harvest the seeds and grow them?


Wade Shimoda
Honolulu, HI