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Plant Lights

Hello all-
As usual, the posts have been fascinating and chock full of information.  
I am now going to rely on your collective wisdom for this question.
I recently started my tank and I have changed my fluorescent tube to that
of a 48 inch plant/aquarium tube from GE.  Light intensity seems more
compared to the perfect a lamp tube that was previously in place.  However,
I don't like the color!  It makes everything look yellow or washed out.  
I read Karen Randall's column in the latest aquarium magazine on lights. 
Karen recommended Tri phosp types with an M shaped spectral distribution.  
How do I know what tubes have this distribution.  None of the packaging
ever shows this.  Plus  which tubes produce intense green colors and not
the yellowing that I noticed?
I had not noticed this coloring with the old fluorescent tubes I had.
Thanks in advance.


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