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Re: ideas, please.

>Date: Mon, 27 Oct 1997 07:42:08 -0500 (EST)
>From: "Roger S. Miller" <rgrmill at rt66_com>
>Hi guys,
>I'm looking for plants that will coexist in unfertilized, very brightly
>lit tanks with val. americana, hornwort and crypt. wendtii.  The water has
>very little general hardness, but plenty of carbonate hardness and I've
>measured the pH in the tanks over 9.  Soon (when the leaves finally fall
>outside) these tanks will be getting about 6 hours/day of direct sunlight,
>and they each have 2 15-watt flourescent tubes with soon-to be upgraded
>reflectors.  Over the last couple years I've tried java fern, anubias nana
>and a myriophyllum sp. with varying degrees of miserable failure.
>I want to get enough growth in these tanks to put up some significant
>competition with the green water.  Alternatively, can anyone think of any
>(available) filter feeders that will live with grass shrimp, guppies and
>otos?  One tank has a clam in it already - clams do so-so, but I haven't
>been able to keep them alive more than about 9 months or so.


I've had better times with Java Fern, but that tank doesn't get any direct
sunlight.  My Anubias requires fertilization or it will eventually

I'd consider a floating bed of anacharis or duckweed, as well as H.
difformis.  I find that H. difformis can handle very low nutrient levels.
If your tank has an opens space above, you can also allow it to get its CO2
directly from the air instead of through the water.

Alternatively, you could place a potted philodendron beside your tank and
drape it over, allowing it to hang into the water.

I saw some nice tree philodendrons at the garden store recently.  Wondering
if one of those would pull nutrients out of the water.

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