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Green fur problem

For those people who have algea(green fur) problem and dare not add
fertiliser into their tank for fear of making the situation worst. This
will be something new, do some thing different, add fertiliser into your
tank, insert root fertiliser for your red plant, see them grow and
photosyntesis, cut away those badly infected leaves or cut the stem of the
plant so that new ones will appear, if your plant is strong they will
slowly but steadily defeat the green fur. But do not expect a total
victory, because in every aquarium there is bound to have green fur, if
your plant is healthy ,they will be kept undercontrol,even AMANO's aquarium
has green fur. Remember, green fur are like corkcroaches, they will lie low
when condition is not right and if suddenly the condition suits them, they
will multiply in great quantity.
Hope this will help.