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Green water remedy

Hi, Recenly, I've read about people having green water in their planted
tank.I've also had this problem before. Just relax, the green water will go
off by itself.There is no need to  panic about this as it is part of the
cycle of the tank.
 They appear because of your lack of bacteria to consume the ever
presence of ammonia. Once your bacteria in your filter starts working ,the
water will first become cloudy because of your ammonia becoming nitrite and
if you change some water after that, you will have clear water.
There are also ways to speed up the process though, what you can do is to
buy a packet of zeolite,which absorb ammonia and add those package bateria
concentration into your filter.
 Another way is to change 1/4 of your tank water, after refilling up the
tank add the required amount of CYCLE bilogical filter supplement. Water
will clear up in about one to two weeks time.
 Hope this will work for you even though it has already work for me.