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Re: dupla CO2 tester

>Hi there,
>            I have one doubt regarding my Dupla CO2 tester.
>I've been injecting CO2 for three days but the color of the tester says
>that no CO2 is present in the water. My water has an hardness of 170-200
>p.p.m. and 
>a temp of 27 C no surface movement.

Try to slow down your total hardness and also the carbonate hardness, which is the most umportant concerning the pH.

>I'm injecting a good amount of CO2,
>and I'd like to know if it's normal at this hardness that my tester does
>not work 
>I don't want to kill my fish with 100 p.p.m. or more of CO2.

You'd better make a water change (a great one) with Osmosed water, since this water is perfect for fresh aquariums. After that, your GH and KH will permit you to fertilize with CO2 and your Dupla permanent test will turn green.

>The last thing. Anyone can tell me if my Osram lumilux is a good lamp for

They are perfect because they have a good kelvin degree and also a very good RA. But you must
use it with a good reflector that makes light enter the aquarium and not the outside.


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