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Newbie Question

Hi, I have kept tropical fish in the past for some time, but with mostly
fake plants.  I tried to keep some live plants a couple times but they died
within a month or so.  I've acquired a new aquarium and want to try it again
but this time I want to have all plants in the tank with a few fish.  From
what I've read on the web, it seems as if the main thing is live plants need
a lot of light.   I read something like 2 watts per gallon. My question is
what type of light should be used with live plants how much is neccessary?

My second question is in regards to CO2 injection.  I've read that it is not
absolutely necessary for plant growth, but is very helpful.  What goes into
creating a homeade C02 injection system for my tank and what different
methods are there?  Is there a FAQ or how-to on the web someplace that
instructs you on how to build them?  TIA for any feedback.

Matt Kowske
xc at innocent_com