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Restart 55

I am in almost the same position as you.  I just tore down a 55 planted
and rebuilt it bet not before reading allot.  One thing is i used Sera
Flour Depot and thought I was not so good.  I am using A Chemical
cocktail of Dupla Laterite, $22.50 for a box recommended size for 55,
from J.P. Burleson  www.jpburleson.com and Kitty Litter and a hydroponic
micronutrient mix.  The plants are recovering from their iron
chlorosis.  Also check out Hamilton Technologies for a cheaper
alternative to the Tetra system.  I've had one for six months and its
been fine.  It uses a standard 5# bottle from a local supplier.  And
Check out this site for info, boy am I in trouble now, and very good
quality plants at a reasonable price.  I got the $50 "Dan selects
special" and am very happy, http://www.malloftheworld.com/aquarium/ .
You can buy the Optimum Aquarium book from Burleson.  It is helpful but
a bit of a sales pitch.  It made the principles pretty clear then I just
ignored on the basis of cost or distrust of salesmen.  You are very
right about pet shop salespeople.  This aspect of the hobby is pretty
rare.  Good Luck and dont give up!!!