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dwarf lily

I broke down yesterday and bought a couple "dwarf lilies".  I think these
are the same plant sold as "tiger lotus" - some sort of nymphae.  Can
anyone confirm that?  The leaves (4-5 each) are sprouting from small bulbs
and at the time of purchase the bulbs had grown a few fairly coarse roots
from near their crown.  The leaves are arrow-shaped, intense reddish
violet, thin and delicate, 4-5 cm long and about the same across.  The
petioles are shorter than the length of the blade.

Right now the plants are in my 20-gallon long "nursery" tank with moderate
water circulation, 50 watts of broad sprectrum light, fine low-organic
substrate, CO2, trace elements and ammonia fertilizer.  I'd like to move
them to a more permanent home in a week or three.

How do these plants change as they mature?  What conditions do these
plants like?  What can I expect from them under brightly lit conditions?
Under more dimly lit conditions?

Roger Miller

In Albuquerque, where the weather is a heck of a lot better than it is up
George Booth's way.