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Re: CO2 regulator valve

Hi Mike,

I found a COMET single stage regulator model TR-73 for $80 (Php 2,800.00)
here in Cebu City.  It has two gauges for tank and output pressure with a
control valve.  It is manufactured by Cigweld Phils., an Australian
company. I'm sure you can find dealers in your area. 
Although much more expensive than the one you found, I think it is of
superior quality and parts are readily available.

BTW, where did you find your needle valve?  I could not find one here so I
have someone who's coming home from the U.S. buy me an ARO NO1.  You might
want to get
a second needle valve in the near future, if so try the South
Manila Valve and Fitting Co., Inc.  They are the Philippine dealer for
Swagelok products which include Nupro Valves.  They might have regulators
too.  Their phone no. is (02) 631-0377.

5js at usc_edu.ph
Cebu, Philippines

> Date: Sun, 26 Oct 1997 21:41:45 +0800
> From: Michael Cordero <taburnok at skyinet_net>
> Subject: CO2 Regulator Valve
> Hi..to all...its me mike again... i hope someone could give me
> feedback on these regulators that are used for welding equipment
> i already aquired a needle valve and yet to purchase a regulator
> seem to be that these welding stuff is the cheapest that i could 
> find here in the philippines.. about $40/set ... this would be used
> to regulate preassure to about 5-10 psi before CO2 goes into the 
> needle valve so that i could have better control.
> Mike 
> from the Philippines where
> its hot the entire day (35degs) 
> "Wish it would rain"
> :o)