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Re: Big DIY CO2

> Has anyone ever tried using a bigger container than a 2 litter bottle for DIY
> CO2? I was thinking of using one of those big ocean spray plastic juice
> bottles that hold  1** some odd ounces. Since I have a 140 gallon, I thouught
> more might be better. I would just double (or triple) the amount of stuff I
> put in. Let me know what you think.
> Jeremy

Jeremy, I would rather consider using three separate containers and connecting
the supply lines together with airline oneway valves, this way if one culture
goes off, you don't have to throw out the whole batch, you can just get rid of
one and replace it. This way you could actually stagger the brewing, so that one
is just beginning to get started, with one fully underway and one peitering off,
thereby constantly producing a good amount of CO2 for your tank. The oneway
valves will also stop one brew from contaminating the others.


Brisbane, Australia.