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re: 10 gallon w/DIY CO2

>So is it possible to OVER saturated my tank with CO2?  Or will natural
>off-gassing make that impossible?

I suppose its possible to get to much, but I've never heard of it happening 
with a yeast CO2 system.  If you find that the standard-size mix produces 
too much CO2, then you can just use a smaller batch to get a lower CO2 
production rate.

>Do I need to buy a CO2 test kit to be sure?  What range of CO2 ppm should I
>be aiming for if I do need the test kit?

You probably don't need to get a CO2 kit.  You have pH, so test alkalinity
and use the pH-alkalinity-CO2 tables to get CO2 - just to see what you've
got, then monitor pH for changes.  As long as your plants are doing well
you don't actually need to worry about any of this. 

>I will probably also buy an oxygen test kit, as I am still a little
>concerned about my fishes well being without any aeration... any comments
>on this?

The O2 kits are interesting - and if you get the right one it might even 
work.  I'm not sure they're worth their cost.

Remember that the simple circulation of water allows a substantial gas 
exchange and that your growing plants will produce quite a lot of oxygen 
- probably much more than your fish will need.  The biggest chance for 
a problem will arise before and just after the lights are turned on, when 
O2 levels drop to their minimum.

I've never experienced even the hint of an O2 shortage in my 10-gallon 
guppy/oto/shrimp tanks - and they don't have CO2 to promote higher rates 
of photosynthesis. 

Roger Miller