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10 Gal DIY CO2

I've been reading the list for some time and it is finally my turn to ask a
question of the experts...

I recently retrofitted my 10 gallon aquarium for natural plants...here is
the setup

UGF with Visiflow @ approx 75 gal/hr (well below surface to minimize agitation)

single 15 watts flourescent hood with brand new Triton 14 hrs/day

supplemental light 4-5 hours/day with a 50 watt incandescent glow-light

FloraSans fertilizer per instructions

DIY CO2 to airstone, producing bubbles every 3-5 seconds

pH with CO2 to airstone approx 6.8-7.0
Ammonia undetectable

Plants include Melon Sword, Anubius Nana, Water Sprite, Sags., 1 Hygrophilia

normal mix of fish including clown loach, oto., SAE, couple guppies and
neon tetras

I just got the DIY CO2 going a few days ago, I had been using my air pump
running inside a garbage bag filled with my expelled air (approx 5% CO2)
over the past couple weeks to play with CO2 fertilization and it produced
remarkable results...I have had my A. Nana for over a year with almost no
new growth and in two weeks I have 2 new leaves and several more on the

I had also been using the UGF with airstones along with a BioWheel 150, all
of which have been changed to only the UGF with the Visi-Flow powerhead...

My question is this....

I had set up the CO2 to bubble into the lift tube and get distributed by
the impeller/powerhead, but I was concerned that perhaps TOO much CO2 would
be introduced into the tank (every little bit of the tiny bubbles
introduced in this manner appeared to enter the solution).  This is why I
switched to a straight airstone sitting on the bottom of the tank.
Remember this is only a 10 gallon tank...

So is it possible to OVER saturated my tank with CO2?  Or will natural
off-gassing make that impossible?

Do I need to buy a CO2 test kit to be sure?  What range of CO2 ppm should I
be aiming for if I do need the test kit?

I will probably also buy an oxygen test kit, as I am still a little
concerned about my fishes well being without any aeration... any comments
on this?

Thanks a lot for your help..

Chris Schmelzer, M-1
Medical College of Wisconsin
Milwaukee, WI