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SFAS Auction reminder

Just a reminder, this is the day to think about pruning.  Plan
your pruning for next weekend.  The big SFAS AUCTION PLANT SALE
is Nov. 7! (Friday).  Send your excess plants to:

Dave Gomberg, 7 Gateview Court, SF CA 94116-1941

Send them on Tuesday (Nov. 4) by priority mail.  Send me (by
email) a list of what you sent.  If you want them bagged a
special way, bag them that way before hand (so many plants per
bag or ...).  This Friday is a special SFAS PLANT AUCTION, so
all you locals come and watch the fun!   See y'all (or your
plants) there!


Dave Gomberg, FormMaestro!                     http://www.wcf.com
 gomberg at wcf_com
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