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Re:Locations of Anubias species

>>Date: Tue, 21 Oct 1997 07:09:58 -0400
>>From: FROISSART Thierry <tFroissart at compuserve_com>
>>Subject: QUESTION
>>i live in France near Geneva's Lake and i have a question about Anubias.
>>I search African country where i can find Anubias Bartheri, Anubias
>>Lanceolata and Anubias Congensis.
>>Please help me !
>>I'll go in Afirca in 4 weeks.
>>Thank a lot for all you can do.

A. afzelii----------------------Senegal, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Mali
A. barteri, var. barteri--------SE Nigeria, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea
A. barteri, var. angustifolia*--Guinea, Liberia, Gold Coast?, Cameroon
A. barteri, var. Caladiifolia---SE Nigeria, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea
A. barteri, var. glabra---------Guinea, Liberia, Gold Coast, Nigeria, Cameroon
                                Equatorial Guinea, Gaboon, Congo
A. barteri, var. nana-----------Cameroon
A. gigantea---------------------Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Gold Coast?
                                Togo, Cameroon (?)
A. gilletii---------------------Nigeria, Cameroon, Gaboon, Congo, Zaire
A. gracilis---------------------Guinea, Sierra Leone
A. hastifolia-------------------Ghana, Togo(?), Nigeria, Cameroon, Zaire
A. heterophylla**---------------Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Gaboon, Congo,
                                Angola, Zaire.
A. pynaertii--------------------Cameroon, Gaboon, Congo, Zaire

Above is what I got from the pages of Aquarienpflanzen, by Kasselmann.  My
translation of the names of the African countries from the German was just
guessing on my part.  *The A. barteri, var. angustifolia was formerly
called A. lanceolata.  **A. heterophylla was formerly called A. congensis,
var. crassispadix

Good luck!  Watch out for the Gaboon viper!

Paul Krombholz in Jackson, Mississippi where the channel 3 TV tower fell
down yesterday, and now we can't get the world series.