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Osram lumilux

Hi all,
         so I decided to buy an Osram Lumilux de luxe with a C.R.I. of 98
and a color temp of 5400 K. I found this bulb suggested by Tropica and so I
bought it for 7$. Its really bright and my plants now seem fake. I hope I
did right buying this lamp.
There was also another lumilux sold for 5$ and its C.R.I. was 80 or
something like that and the color temp was 6400 K. But I thought the other
one was better.

Now I have a pinkish Trocal bulb and a really white Osram. My fish will
suffer a bit but maybe this two lamp will help me with plants.

What do you think about this lamp?

Thank you
Simone Vicini (psvicini at mdnet_it)