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Removal of Salvinia from ponds


>Date: Thu, 23 Oct 1997 16:53:33 +0800
>From: "Farida Bt. Yusuf (MWF, office)" <farida at mwf_nasionet.net>
>Reply-To: farida at mwf_nasionet.net
>Organization: Malaysia Wetlands Foundation
>Subject: Removal of Salvinia from ponds
>I am working on the rehabilitation of ponds and lakes at an ex
>tin-mining area. The problem I am facing is most of the ponds are all
>covered with Salvinia. This is making it impossible for more desirable
>and native aquatic plants to come in. The area was initially a peat
>swamp forest and we are hoping to get back some, if not all of the
>aquatic plants that used to exist before the tin-mining activities
>Could you please provide me with whatever information you have on the
>morphology, physiology etc. of Salvinia and ways that can help me remove
>them from the ponds/lakes in an eco-friendly way? Is there any
>commercial values to Salvinia so that I can harvest them without having
>to destroy them?
>Please let me know soon as the Salvinia is causing a great hinderance in
>our restoration efforts.
>Thank you and hope to hear from you real soon.