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Phosphate Concentrations

The Phosphate levels in my tank continue to rise. Dispite using deionised
water for water changes in my planted Discus tank - and reconstituting the
water - the levels continue to rise to unacceptable levels.

I do not use any Phosphate buffers etc. but I would like to know how to
keeps PO4 levels low. I know that food can increase the levels - is it
simply a case of feeding less or am I using the wrong types of food ?

I generally alternate the food for my Discus between Flake, Tetra
Prima(bits), Frozen bloodworm & other frozen foods. Present PO4 levels are
around 2-3ppm. I have used Phosphate removing resins in the past but I would
like my tank regime to be better to allow PO4 levels to stay low. A 50%
water change is performed every two weeks. 

Any ideas ?

Andy M Moore - England
andy at ascot_u-net.com

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