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Re: Huge Amazon Sword

     I've discoverd the best way to uproot a huge plant (swords, apons, 
     etc.) is with a quick, zen-like jerk.  Grab the base of the plant 
     firmly, and yank it up, FAST, 2-3 inches only.  The long roots will 
     give a satisfying POP as they break, and will remain behind as you 
     ease the plant out the rest of the way.  There will be plenty of short 
     roots on the plant, and yes, some soil will come up.  
     It's important to use a controlled jerk; the goal is to break the long 
     roots, not decorate your ceiling.  It is speed and control, not brute 
     force, that does the job.
     This is far less destructive than a slow, steady tug.  BTW, I have 4 
     inches of loamy topsoil/vermiculite under 1 inch of #2 gravel, and the 
     water clears in about an hour.
     Kind regards,