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Re: new set up

> Date: Sun, 19 Oct 1997 13:51:41 +0200
> From: "Simone e Pierluigi Vicini" <psvicini at mdnet_it>
> 1.stop using the reverse flow UF and just take it out.
> 2.wash the gravel and maybe bleach it (but no bleach directly in the
> aquarium)

Instead of bleaching the gravel, wash it well then use a top layer of
new gravel to seal in any "bad stuff".  The old gravel will have some
beneficial nutrients in it. 

> 3.try to use a good substrate, maybe peat, gravel, and Duplarit 

Don't bother with peat, just use gravel and Duplarit as recommended. 

> 4.bleach the plants or maybe just change them.

Watch the length of time so the plants don't suffer too much.

> 5.use two fluorescent bulbs (Trocal and Sunglo) so I will have 2.7 wpg


> 6.use the PMDD or the Tropica master grow

I would go with Tropica, especially at first. You really should tweak
PMDD to you own setup but you can't tweak it until things are stable
enough to observe changes.

> 7.try to upgrade my CO2 system and take the value at 15-20 ppm

Yes.  Having proper CO2, light and fertilizer immediately will help
your plants overcome the shock of the bleach treatment and the new

> 8.try to keep the PH value at 6.5-7 
> 9.try to keep the hardness around 4 KH, GH

Good. How close is this to your normal tap water?  It would be better
to have the parameters more closely match what is available to avoid
large swings when you do water changes. 

Also, don't change too much water at first. Let things stabilize.
Watch the nitrates; when they begin to build up (over 10 ppm), then
start water changes. 

> 10. temperature at 25 C
> 11. 1cm of fish per 1 gallon of water

Sounds good. 

Having s few different types of algae eaters is also recommended right
from the start.  The tank will be unstable at first and you will see
different algae types come and go as the water parameters pass through
conditions favorable to each type. Having some algae eaters keeps any
one type of algae from getting established. Different types of algae
eaters favor different types of algae so an assortment is good.

George in Colorado