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Re: Water Movement

On Mon, 20 Oct 1997 10:30:45 Matthew T. Mason asked about removing the film 
from the surface of his aquarium.
Matthew - 

Eheim makes a wonderful surface extractor that will fit the bill perfectly 
for you!  If memory serves, you will need to pickup a reducer to match the 
intake side of your Fluval 403.  I have been using one for about seven years 
now on a planted tank and other than the occasional errant snail or floating 
leaf (which forces water to be drawn from the bottom strainer instead of the 
surface), it works great!

Give it a whirl.  Relatively speaking, it is a pretty cheap investment that 
is utterly reliable in its simplicity and provides dramatic changes in the 
clarity of your water.

Good Luck!


Michael Dunn <michael.dunn at thalhimer_com>