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Hi, and I would like to trade plants !

        Hi everyone on the list ! I'm from Singapore and I breed fish,
mainly Betta splendens.I would love to purchase or trade for any surplus
aquatic plants with the other members of this list. Well, I don't really
have much to trade right now, but I have a couple of species of semi-aquatic
carnivorous plants (Utricularia bifida, U.minutissima and U.subulata. I also
have one aquatic carnivorous plant, namely U.gibba. 
        Other than these I really don't have much, because I only started on
aquatic plants recently. Otherwise I have orchids, carnivorous plants and
other plants to trade for. I'd love some Java fern, crypts, wolffia or
anything of the sort. THanks, and I hope to hear from you soon ! 
Have a great day, and enjoy water-gardening !