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new set up

Ok everybody I need you,
                                     before giving up with this hobby I
want to do another try.

A plant of mine is just decomposing I know its normal for that kind of
plant, but it was the best in my aquarium, because on the others there is a
type of algae I can't get rid of. Copper, snails, no lights, no Co2, more
CO2, nothing for that algae seems to be the solution. Maybe only bleach,
but I'm not going to do that in my tank: my biofilter will die and it's the
only thing that seems to do its job very well.

Ok so I'm planning to take everything out of my aquarium except for the
biofilter. these are the things I'm going to do:

1.stop using the reverse flow UF and just take it out.
2.wash the gravel and maybe bleach it (but no bleach directly in the
3.try to use a good substrate, maybe peat, gravel, and Duplarit 
4.bleach the plants or maybe just change them.
5.use two fluorescent bulbs (Trocal and Sunglo) so I will have 2.7 wpg
6.use the PMDD or the Tropica master grow
7.try to upgrade my CO2 system and take the value at 15-20 ppm
8.try to keep the PH value at 6.5-7
9.try to keep the hardness around 4 KH, GH
10. temperature at 25 C
11.1cm of fish per 1 gallon of water

So this will be my last try. I hope you can give some advices about these
11 points. Thank you. This is a nice hobby, but I'm getting mad.

Simone Vicini (psvicini at mdnet_it)