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Re: tap water mystery

<< Wondering if your water contains lots of CO2? Try boiling a sample, let
 it cool and then test. One serendipidous Sunday I tried this and found
 that after boiling all CO2 had vanished from the water and the PH had
 climbed from 5.0 to 8.0. >>

Carbon dioxode is a gas.  When you raise the temperature of water, the
solubility of ALL gases will decrease.  When you hit 100C, the solubility of
most gases hit zero and boil off.  This is what causes little bubbles to form
on the bottom and sides of a pot at about 90 or 95 degrees Celsius.  It seems
that 3 full points is a long way for CO2 ti drive down the pH.  While I am
sure that phosphates and minerals will not break down by boiling, I can't
personally say about organic acids.

Bob Dixon