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The Optimal Aquarium - 13 years on -how's it going?

Greetings Kaspar Horst,

It has now been about 13 years if I am corrrect since the large 10,000
litre Dupla
aquarium was pulled down and the substrate replaced. I am referencing
the Optimal
Aquarium book. You set it up in 1972-3 according to my recollection, and
pulled it
down in 1983-4 as the limiting factor was found to be the substrate.

This tank has now lasted two years longer than the previous
version,(your first tank
being described in The Perfect Aquarium), we would be most intregued as
to how the tank is now doing. If I may be so bold as to ask:

Could you possibly find the time to get some photographs together with
some text
to show the tank in its current condition, with a bit of description of
plants in the tank,
age, lighting etc. And what lessons have been learnt over the last 13
years since the
Optimal Aquarium was written - ie what do you feel you would have done
this time round?

Thankyou for getting Today's Aquarium up and running again on the
internet. I am
greatly enjoying the articles - possibly this would be the best forum to
place such
an article.

Kindest regards,

Marque Crozman
Brisbane, Australia.