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Re: Tap water mystery

From Ed Hengel <hengel at computer_net>:
>...The co2 is still >50 ppm, the pH
>is 5.96 and the Kh is 3.36.  Now I'm no scientist, but shouldn't the co2
>have equalized with the atmosphere after the water sat all day? 

Ed, you'll either have to stir all day or get a container with a large 
surface-area-to-volume ratio.  In either case, you may have to wait several
days unless you can agitate the water enough to completely stabilize the 
dissolved gasses.

I have the opposite problem:  my water is devoid of CO2, pushing up the pH.
To bring it back to normal, I fill a bucket with water and run a cheapo air-
pump with an airstone in the bucket for a couple of days.