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Re: Tap water mystery

> Date: Thu, 16 Oct 1997 23:57:15 -0500
> From: Ed Hengel <hengel at computer_net>
> Subject: Tap water mystery
>                If my spring fed well water really does have so much
> stubborn co2 dissolved in it I think I'm going to bottle it and sell it
> as the latest natural, slightly carbonated, water fad.

> Ed Hengel

50 ppm would be a lot of CO2 - if true, isn't this enough that your discus
should be showing symptoms?

Interesting case, and if it were my tap water I'd probably play around
with it a little.

Perhaps your well water contains enough phosphates or dissolved organic
acids to interfere with the tests.  You might take a sample to a
commercial lab to have it tested for total organic carbon.  If there are
many dissolved organics in the water then I'd expect the water to be
distinctly colored.  I wonder if the pH effect of the organic acids might
be detected by testing the pH, thoroughly filtering it through activated
carbon, then testing the pH again.  You would want to put an unfiltered
control sample throught the same test at the same time to look for other

As always, curious,

Roger Miller