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unknown plant


> I recently purchased a lovely small plant from those plant experts at
> Petsmart (hah) and would love to know what it is... here's the...
> Ok, it's me again. I've narrowed it down. I suspect I have me an anubia!
> Maybe congensis or lanceolata.
I have purchased those at PetSmart too. I believe you are right and it's a
lanceolata. Do you notice that yours has a bit of reddish brown on the side edges
of the leaf stem as it comes from the rhizome? I used to get pretty good deals on
plants at the PetSmart near me, but I think they have gottern a bit smarter. I
notice that the prices on good plants, that I used to be able to get a a great
bargain, have gotten more in line with what they are really worth.

> taken a peek at the photos on Arizona Aquatic Garden's page and it sure
> looks like an anubia...

Could I have this URL please? I live in Mesa AZ and have heard about such a
business but haven't seen anything really about them. Do you know what city they
are in. May be it's time for me to make a day trip. :)

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