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Java Fern/Mailing List/Thanks to all

A few days ago I discovered this mailing list.  I asked a question about
Java Fern.  I was wondering why mine weren't as big as the parent plants.
 I was inundated with information and got a lot of good answers. 
Apparently I am doing everything correctly because the plants I have look
healthy and are growing, it is just that the parents were probably grown
emersed which accounts for their size.  The only thing I am going to
change is give them light for more hours and add fertilizer.

So, thanks to everyone.

As for the FAQ mentioned in the "Welcome to the aquatic-plants mailing
list!":  It says to check out 
http//www.cco.caltech.edu/!aquaria/Faq/plant.html.  That address does not
exist anymore.