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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #1018

In a message dated 10/15/97 7:56:57 PM, you wrote:

<<B) Which grade of Methylene Blue >>

Do NOT use Methylene Blue in an established tank. It will TRASH your
biofilter and you'll have the ammonia spike from you know where :D Trust me
on this. I just used it in a 55, lost my two pet oscars. After a few days of
treatment, the tank crashed in under 20 hours. The ammonia was so high that
they were peeling and shedding scales from the ammonia burn. I hope no one
ever has to see what I saw.

I remember correctly it kills plants.

<<A) Is it safe to use Formalin 37 o/o containing 8-12 o/o  Methanol to treat
fish in planted tank?>>

I'd skip the formalin for use as an extended bath. From what I'm told it can
fry the gills on the fish with extended use. Short dips only if you must.
Can't vouch for safeness on plants as i've never used it in my planted tanks.