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Java Ferns

I just got a few very nice Java ferns and some instructions relating to
attaching them to wood, rock, etc.  Several months ago, I got some Java
ferns via mailorder with no instructions and immediately stuck them deep
into the substrate - rhizomes and all with the leaves sticking out.
Needless to say, they did not do so well.

From the instructions on the newly arrived ferns, I now I understand that I
should not have buried the rhizomes.  Be that as it may, I now have a bunch
of Java fern rhizomes with a few roots and leaves here and there. That
brings me to my question: will those rhizomes ever be viable again? They
seem to be green and have some hair-like roots protruding from them, but
all-in-all they look to be in pretty bad shape. Should I give them a little
more time, or should I trash them?


Ken Guin
kenguin at erol_com