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less is more

Then I throw some plants in a big tub of water in the back yard.  I add
Platies.  I do _absolutely nothing_ all summer except to top up for
evaporation a couple of times, and once a month poke a plant food tablet
into the lily's pot.  I don't do water changes, I don't fertilize,
than the lily)  I don't use supplemental CO2, heck, I don't even feed
fish.  Mother Nature is _obviously_ a lot better at this than I am! ;-)

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association

I had a similar experience this past summer.  I set up an old 20 gal
tank outside, originally as a place to temporarily store plants and grow
out seedlings from the indoor tanks.  My son put in a very small large
mouth bass he caught in the lake out back for mosquito control and we
threw in a few snails.  Except for the very occasional Dupla tablet, the
tank was pretty much ignored.  The curious thing was that even though
the tank was in full sun for several hours a day, there was no algae and
the water was crystal clear. Go figure.  As to the plants themselves,
some did well, hornworth and bacopa, and some did not, hygro and
aponogeton seedlings.  The difference probably due to the cool night
time temps.
Ed Hengel