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Glossostigma brown leaf problem

Glossostigma experts out there:

My Glosso. leaves have been turning brown and dying; it acts like a disease 
rather than a nutrient deficiency.  However, I have treated it like a 
possible nutrient deficiency and have added K2SO4, MgSO4, and CaCl in 
addition to R/O Right (I use R/O water).  I use Dupla fertilizers.  Lights 
are 4watts/gallon.  Temp is 76-80.  Substrate is 3mm gravel w/Dupla 
laterite.  There has been no change; the browning is gradual but is slowly 
making unsightly holes in the mat.  Has anyone experienced this before with 
this plant?  What conditions does it prefer to thrive?


Roxanne Bittman