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unknown plant

I recently purchased a lovely small plant from those plant experts at
Petsmart (hah) and would love to know what it is... here's the

About four inches high, with a root stock (like an anubia or java fern
-- I'm not sure of the official name for this -- rhyozome??). Leaves are
very thick and tough, light green and shaped like pointed ovals. Stem is
green. Roots are very long and green, maybe runners? For the most part
the leaves have been standing straight up, but a new one is curling
down. I think maybe a crypt of some sort, or an anubia? It's not an
anubia v. nana, it's sitting right next to two of those and is much
lighter in color with much thicker, straighter, slightly bigger leaves.
Any help would be appreciated. It was really cheap, and I wouldn't mind
getting more if it's compatible with my cool water, medium light
goldfish tank.
Ps -- I've already checked Tropica's site, but couldn't see the roots on
some of their crypts, so I couldn't be sure...