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Aw -- come on, Steve

>From: Stephen Pushak <teban at powersonic_bc.ca>
>Subject: Re: bleaching & substrate experiments
<snip> This list is a
>forum for both beginners to get their questions answered and for those
>of us performing scientific investigations to the benefit of the hobby.
>It is unfortunate that with the success of this list, many of the
>experts no longer seem to find time to answer beginner questions on the
>old forum, the newsgroup.

My, this sounds so high and mighty! I think all the little things we report
to each other are of "benefit to the hobby" though, of course,
"experimenters" are so much more important.

For you to imply that "experts" (I know I'm not one but I stand up for them
whoever they are) think they are too important to answer beginner questions
on the Newsgroup is just plain snotty. So there. Let those beginners eat
cake -- er, I mean -- read the FAQ.

bored and nursing an injury at home in Vancouver where it's almost sunny.