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pink algae

Hi guys, got an algae question for you! (boy oh boy, right?) On my glass
on my 25 gallon gf setup there is growing the oddest algae... it's sort
of pinkish-brown, not the soft brown stuff you get after setting up a
new tank, but pinker and very, very difficult to scrub off. It grows
oddly too, in weird patches. I have a 25 with an Eclipse top (in other
words, great filtration: biowheel, the works, 200gph but seems to suck
up EVERYTHING, but hardly enough light: 30 watts total and the set up
can't be altered, unfortunately). I have planted elodia, watersprite,
onion plant, some pathetic cabomba (well-eaten), anubias, amazon sword,
pygmy swords (melting and dying, darn it, I suspect lack of light), java
moss, java fern and some unidentified plants that may or may not be
anubias and/or crypts. The inhabitants are: two gf, each under 3", two
hillstream loaches, and about five ramshorn snails. I use a tiny bit of
tetra liquid fertilizer when I do a water change to keep the swords
green, but that's it. Is this stuff an algae or a bacteria? It grows on
all the walls of the tank, even the one covered with newpaper to keep
the sun out. I don't care much about it if it's an algae, but if it's a
bacteria...I'd rather rid myself of it. Any thoughts?

Also, I've been told about a florescent light you can buy that can go
right in the tank at the waterline. It was suggested to me as a way to
boost my lighting, but I haven't seen anything like this anywhere. Does
anyone know what this might be? A waterproof strip light? It would be
great for me as I could put it in the back of my tank under the Eclipse
filter area and finally light the back of my tank...anyone?