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Re: I stand corrected!

Mr Experience (Me) said: 
> > My experience with the large sword plants is to trim the roots. It
> > seems radical but cutting back the root stimulates new root growth.
> > Ive done this on 2 occassions with good results.  On a more banal
> > nomenclature thread, these plants have root systems not rhizomes.

George said: 
> Some echinodorus seem to have rhizomes.  At least, that's what I call
> the thick tuber from which the plant grows.  E. hormemanii seems to
> have this characteristic.  
Thanks for educating me George. It's abundantly obvious that I
have never grown an E. hormemannii. After I recover from my pink
flush I just might go and buy one these!

Your humble student

Marshall Wilkinson
Calgary Alberta