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Formalin, Methylene Blue & Malachite Green

Hi All,

Could someone please advise:

A) Is it safe to use Formalin 37 o/o containing 8-12 o/o
   Methanol to treat fish in planted tank? I read somewhere
   that Formalin should be free from Methanol which is toxic
   to small fishes. Are Formalin based fish medications
   available from fish stores / mail order companies free
   from Methanol? Which brand / product name? Is there a way
   to remove Methonal from the Formalin solution before adding
   it to the tank?           

B) Which grade of Methylene Blue & Malachite Green is safe
   to treat fish in planted tank? The chemical supply company
   have them as Indicator grade. Is that pure enough and zinc
   free, or we need reagent grade or pharmaceutical quality?
   Where in U.S. can I get them in small quantity (a few
   hundred grams)?

C) The effect of the above medications on plants, bio filter
   and shrimps. Any special points to watch out e.g. water
   change, water hardness, temp, PH, dissolved oxygen levels
   etc.. prior to and during medications? 


yhplsing at singnet_com.sg