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Re: Turtles & Plants

Gerry -

Your turtle tank sounds like a good opportunity to experiment with local
plants. Musk turtles love burrowing into mud at the bottom and spend little
if any time outside of the water so I don't think you'd have much luck with
rooted plants that are typically found for sale that tolerate 80 degree
temps (e.g. Anubias and Cryptocorne.) 

Since musk turtles love the greenest, muckiest, most mosquito filled,
algae covered swamps out there I think an easy and attractive way to
achieve this effect would be to use duckweed, and some Java fern may
fit in as well. The Java ferns should be able to tolerate the 80 degree
temperatures and also not be bothered much by the reduced light that the
duckweed would create. The duckweed would also help prevent algae
in the water and on the glass that only the turtles would appreciate.

Have fun!

Mark Pellegri in Tulsa OK
mark.pellegri at wcom_com