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Re: Tank chemistry question.

     >I recently setup a 25 gal tank.  It is filled with distilled water 
     >and being leak tested.  What water chem should I set up, and what is  
     Why are you using distilled water to test for leaks?  Tap water leaks 
     just as well! ;-)
     <big snip>
     >These are the numbers that I have determined to be correct by reading 
     >list postings and books.  Can anyone please fill in the holes and 
     >suggest what can be purchased at LFS to attain the right conditions.
     There are no "correct" values for the parameters you are asking about. 
     Aquatic plants and fish will do very well within a fairly broad range 
     of these parameters.  No single value is considered "correct", as that 
     implies the others are incorrect.
     I recommend you use tap water.  The odds are extremely good your tap 
     water is perfectly suitable for an aquarium.  If you are in doubt, 
     check with your municipal water supplier.  They will provide you with 
     a detailed chemical analysis on request.  DO NOT ask your LFS about 
     your water supply.  They will not know, but will have an opinion 
     anyway, usually negative.  They want to sell you things.
     >Secondly, what are people using for pH buffering??
     Most rely on the inherent buffering capacity of their water.  Some add 
     CO2, bicarbonate, and/or Ca and Mg carbonates.  Check out 
     for a good discussion.  Don't use the phosphate-based buffers sold at 
     your LFS.  They grow algae.