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Turtles and Plants


> I recently converted a 20 gallon long into a turtle tank for my 8 year old
> daughter. (She has wanted turtles for years). Of course I can't stand the
> site of a tank with no plants in it. :-( The pet store had suggested
> Anacharis but these are Musk Turtles, they said to keep them at 80 degrees
> and 80 degrees and Anacharis just don't go together. The pet people said
> the turtles do like Anacharis.

I would try the Anacharis anyway, I live in AZ and my fishroom gets pretty hot
in the summer, I've had anachris staying alive when the tank temps get into the
high 80's. My guess is, if the turtles like it to eat, it will all get eaten
before it has a chance to have trouble with temps anyway. :) You might also set
something up on the tank to grow emersed plants out the top if the turtles munch
anything you put inside. I have a 20 extra high that I glued (with that aquarium
sealer stuff) 2 small pieces of glass into the back at angles to the corners to
make planters across the back. I grow pathos, that common houseplant and dwarf
papyrus in it and they do real well. The fish are diggers so turn up any small
plants when they have fry. Using the plants out the top back keeps them from
trashing them.

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