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Re: This is hard

> God, I admire you who are doing well at it.  And I wish that I could see
> your aquariums for some inspiration. But I have a 37.5 gal and a 75 gal
> that right now are a mess.  I will go back to square frigging one with
> them, if I could just figure out where the hell that is!  Maybe it is Earl
> Hamilton's planted tank primer in the Krib.  I don't know.

I'm not a "great one", but I'll give you this:  I started with planted
tanks as a child and kept several tanks continuously for about 8 years
before ever reading APD.  I think without that prior experience much
of the advice that circulates here would have driven me to failure.

Earl Hamilton's primer is a very good start.  Dan Q's articles are very
good as well.  I'm sure there are others.  Once you get a stable tank
using good fundamentals then more of the information here will be useful.

I don't mean at all that the advice on APD is wrong.  But much of it is
inappropriate for new hobbyiest because it ignores the interrelations
between factors and (IMHO, or whatever) stresses fertilization far too
much and simple husbandry far too little.

Keep it simple, keep it stable and be patient.

Good Luck,

Roger Miller