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Re: Questions/Java fern/Unlucky aquarium

David asked....

>Hi everyone!
>     I'm new to the list, so I thought I'd say hello and introduce myself.
> My name is David, and I am a student at Mississippi State University.  I've
>been reading the lists for a while now, getting ready to start my plant
>aquariums in my dorm room at school.  My first question is about hornwort.
> How well does it survive temperatures near 80 degrees?  Due to a home-made
>lighting hood, my 52 watts of compact flourescent lighting causes my 10
>gallon tank to reach these high temps.  The tank has DIY CO2 that bubbles
>into the intake of an Marineland 110 Biowheel OPF (without the biowheel) and
>an enriched sand substrate for when I finally find some rooted plants worth
>buying around here.  There are no fish in the tank yet, but I want to buy
>some Paradisefish for it when I find good ones.  Any comments?  Next, I
>bought a 175 watt metal-halide fixture for my 30 gallon in hopes of mounting
>it in a pendant and growing some plants emersed.  Can anybody suggest some
>good plants with this habit?

One can grow hornwort fine at 80 F. I would go with a species of gourami
that tolerates higher temperatures, such as Colisa chuna. With CO2 and
the MH you should be able to grow just about anything in the 30 gallon
tank. Try any rotala, most swords, anubias bartieri v. nana, vals, etc.

Michael F. Marion asked about improving growth of his two inch
java fern plantlets.

The key is patience. They will do better with a simple AquaClear or
similar filter for circulation and more light for a longer duration.
I know that this may draw fire, but why not experiment with dropping
the airstone. Java fern does not need low light levels; they tolerate

Simone e Pierluigi Vicini wondered why his plants were not growing in
spite of good conditions in the substrate and water column.

You need more light for a longer duration. The alternative is to
switch to java fern and anubias bartieri v. nana.

Dave Whittaker
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca