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This is hard!!

Dear friends I am just about to quit this miserable hobby.  I am not
kidding.  I lurked for a month here last winter.  Then I bought all back
issues of The Aquatic Gardner.  I am a great vegetable gardner.  In fact
there is not much that I choose to do that I have not become a journeyman
in short order.  I have had aquariums on and off since I was 12.  I am 49
now.  And when I lived in Steamboat Springs in the 1970's at an elevationof
6,700 feet, I had a wonderful and successful salt water aquarium.

But, oh, the plants.  My two tanks that I started in the Spring have gone
from beautiful to crappy and back again.  I just don't know what to do to
get any consistency out of this.  Now I am reading everyone's story about
using bleach to get rid of the green hair and green beards.  I am sorry, I
cannot do that. life is too short for me to spend hours of it bleaching
plants and taking down and puting up my aquarium.  Is there no other way?

God, I admire you who are doing well at it.  And I wish that I could see
your aquariums for some inspiration. But I have a 37.5 gal and a 75 gal
that right now are a mess.  I will go back to square frigging one with
them, if I could just figure out where the hell that is!  Maybe it is Earl
Hamilton's planted tank primer in the Krib.  I don't know.

Come on you great ones:  is there not a formula that we can follow, like
the beginning pianist learning the notes of the masters, which will enable
us to duplicate your success for a season?

I cannot tell you how discouraged I am.  Well, maybe I just did!

Macon Cowles in Boulder, Colorado:  where they still are clueless about the
Ramsey case.