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Unlucky Tank

Simone wrote regarding his 20 gallon tank:

>3.I have only a fluorescent bulb from Dennerle (Trocal 18 watt). I keep it
>on for 9 hours a day.

I don't think you have enough light to drive the growth you want.  I
would try 2 or 3 bulbs to get the wattage up to the 2-3 watts per gallon
range.  I don't think CO2 will help an underlit plant tank.

After you get the wattage up, you might experiment with different
fertilizers.  Can you get Tropica MasterGrow in Italy?  If so, you might
try that.  It's cheaper than Dupla, and many of us have had good results
with it. You don't mention your fish load, but that will affect your
fertilization scheme.  Personally, I would be very hesitant to add a
liquid fertilizer to the water column that contained phosphate.  I have
gotten away with adding small amounts of solid fertilizer which
contained some phosphate in the substrate (as deep as I could get it),
but never in the water column.

BTW, my daughter attended the University of Bologna for a year and fell
in love with your country.  If I ever get her student loans paid off, I
will visit myself!!  :-)

Regards, Steve Dixon -- in San Francisco where it's sunny with a hint of
fall in the air