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> >From: Marque Crozman <mcrozman at eng_uts.edu.au>

> >    Just thought I'd drop you a note to add to the info on
>> CO2 needle valves for your site and possibly the Krib.

Erik wrote:

>Most excellent info, thanks!  I'll see it gets on the Krib.
>Interestingly, the local valve store steered me towards S series, and
>I'd always wondered what was different between it and the infamous M
>series that George & others originally posted about.  Now I know.

I second Erik's comment.  With your post in hand I would have bought the
"S" series a couple of weeks instead of the "M" series.  The "M" is
working fine but I'm trying to regulate a very slow flow in 40 gal. tank
and I need all the fine control I can get.  I was interested in your
comment on the handles:  What is the difference between the vernier,
fine adjustment and slotted handles.  Do these substantively change the
performance of the valve, or is is just the feel of the handle?  A final
point, I didn't have a torque wrench to tighten the valve seat packing
(as recommended in the directions) and worry that I overtighted it.  The
valve turns smootly, but it takes a bit of a twist to turn it.  It's
stiff.  Is that normal or should I loosen it up a bit?

Cheers, Steve Dixon