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Nupro Info

> From: Marque Crozman <mcrozman at eng_uts.edu.au>

> Greetings George,
>     Just thought I'd drop you a note to add to the info on
> CO2 needle valves for your site and possibly the Krib.
>[More information on the Nupro valves deleted]

Most excellent info, thanks!  I'll see it gets on the Krib.
Interestingly, the local valve store steered me towards S series, and
I'd always wondered what was different between it and the infamous M
series that George & others originally posted about.  Now I know.

It really is a great valve.  I have switched over to the cheaper ARO NO-1
units on my new systems, and while they work fine, I do not have nearly as
much consistent control as I used to with the Nupro valves.  Kinda almost
makes it worth paying 3-4x as much...

     - Erik

Erik D. Olson					         amazingly, at home
eriko at wrq_com