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RE: bleach treatments

Bleach for algal control seems to be the flavour of the month. I have 
seen mention in the past about the fact that household bleach often 
contains synthetic detergents as well as the sodium hypochlorite. A 
label check reveals that all the chain-store brands around here contain 
detergent. Whether the detergent is an advantage or disadvantage in 
killing algae wasn't discussed in previous postings, as far as I 
remember.  My limited experiments with household bleach suggested that 
the detergents are quite damaging to the plants - the leaves survived 
much better when I swapped to swimming pool "dry chlorine" (ie, calcium 
hypochlorite granules, no detergent). Thought this might be a good area 
for home experimentation, unless it's been looked at already in 
sufficient detail.  I'd be interested to hear from those using bleach, 
whether your bleach is the Na or Ca salt, what concentration, and does 
it also contain detergent?

Ross Drewe