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Electric Amquel !!!

Hi All,
  I just had an expirience that is relly bizare.  I was doing a water
change and went to open a new bottle of Amquell.  When the liquid
splashed up I got shocked hard enough that the cap was thrown across the
room!  Now I get hit with 220v every once in a while (from a pottery
kiln) but this was worse.  I have looked to see what it could be but
have drawn blanks, no water on floor, no electric anywere close, and no
atmospheric discharges.  To top it off, I touch the liqiud a second time
a few minutes later and got hit again!  At this point I'd like to say,
I'm not drunk, overly tired, or stressed.  This really happened (thats
why I touched it a second time to be sure).  Has anyone had an
expirience even remotly similar?  Also does anyone have a phone # for
Kordon(I want to chat with them about it)?

Confused and dazed in Florida

Bjorn Straube
straube at digital_net

Again this is not a prank, I'm quite serious.