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Re: Name that Anubias!

Dear friends,

Something happened and several species have flowered this week
including one large anubias. It has a reddish flower stem 20 CM long.
The spathe is also reddish and the spadix, 4 to 5 CM in length. The
ratio of male to female parts is about 2:1. Does anyone wish to take
a guess at which species this might be? What does Kasselmann say?

One of dozens of small echinodorus has also sent up a floral stalk.
What is the chance of positively identifying this species from its
inflorescence? Do the flowers of the various swords differ much,
one from the other?

You may be interested to know that I have found a food that my SAEs
prefer to Rotala wallichii. It's called Hydrotriche hottoniiflora.
Add it to the list.

Dave Whittaker
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca